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Naš rad o Nikoli Tesli u IEEE digital library

Rad profesora Katedre za elektronsko poslovanje “The Impact of Nikola Tesla’s Patents to Development of Modern Mobile and Internet Services”, prezentovan kao plenarno izlaganje na konferenciji International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Computer Science (EnT 2019) koja je održana u Moskvi 26-27 marta 2019, od nedavno je  dostupan u okviru IEEE Xplore digitalne biblioteke.


Nikola Tesla has been known as a Serbian scientist and inventor who has made a great impact by designing modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply systems. However, it is less known that his patents in the field of communications represent a basis of present-day ICT systems. In this paper, we present Tesla’s most important patents and results regarding mobile and wireless communications and Internet services: patents concerning transmission lines, radio technologies, logic gates and digital modulations. We analyze the patents related to frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), and wireless cryptography in details. In addition, we present Tesla’s vision of communication services that have become possible to implement almost a hundred years later.


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