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IT Research and Education in Russia

Pozivamo Vas na predavanje prof.dr Sergei Prokhorova sa Instituta za Sistemsko Programiranje Ruske Akademije nauke u Moskvi Institut Fizike i Tehnologije

u okviru IEEE seminara CO-16 na temu “IT Reasearch and Education in Russia”.

Predavanje će biti održano u utorak 18. juna 2019. godine u 14:15 časova u sali 301f, na MI SANU, Kneza Mihaila 36.

Sažetak predavanja:

The Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) are leaders in the field of IT research and education in Russia. The ISP is a leader in software development, as well as IT and its applications. MIPT is the leading technical university in Russia. Both institutes participate in
the National Federal IT programs. Using the example of these two institutes, this lecture will try to present the status of work in the field of IT research and education at the Russian Academy of Sciences and at technical universities. We will present the most significant scientific results, describe the education process and cooperation with industry. Finally, we will discuss the problems and challenges that these institutes face and how they are solved.

Biography: Sergei Prokhorov is a leading researcher at the Institute for System Programming Russian Academy of Sciences, and a leading researcher and associate professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He is in chair of Russian Branch of IEEE Computer Society. His areas of interest include computer science and history of science and technology development.


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