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Gostujuće predavanje – Agile project management

U ponedeljak 22. maja u 14.15 časova u sali B002 na FON-u biće održano predavanje Uwe Gläser-a iz kompanije BridgingIT (http://www.bridging-it.de/) na temu “Agile project management using the scaled agile framework (SAFe)”.

Kratak pregled predavanja:

Agile methods such as SCRUM or KANBAN are accepted methods for project management. However, many enterprises used it for isolated teams while the business requirements often need business changes, where more than one team is involved with difficulties in management if both kinds of teams agile and non agile are involved. Another problem is that agile teams often cannot decide about investments, which can also reduce their performance.

In this presentation the scaled agile framework is presented which gives the teams the environment to deliver best results and the management the tools to investigate in the most valuable topics. Project examples will be explained.

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